Saturday, November 18, 2017

First Snow of the Season, 2017

The first snow of the season fell this morning.  What you see is about all we got, and it isn't expected to stick around long, thankfully.  I expect a weekend filled with football and relaxing.  I do have a growing to-do list, but nothing terribly urgent at the moment.


I've noted our first snow here on the blog over the years:  October 10, 2009; December 4, 2010; November 9, 2011; December 9, 2012; October 23, 2013; hard drive issues and a break around this time in 2014; November 20, 2015; December 4, 2016 and now, November 18, 2017.  It was interesting to look back at the dates.


delcatto said...

We keep getting media reports of an expected hard winter but no real sign yet. How long before you get the heavier snow that will stay on the ground?

Scoakat said...

That date can vary as much as these first snow dates. At the latest, January is when we are fully in the deep, cold winter. Some years, no matter when the first snowfall was, a white Christmas is still in question. Those are my ideal because of holiday travel. But January and February, at least (but often include December up til March), is deep winter here. By deep winter I mean below freezing, by as much as 40ºF below freezing or more at times. But winters vary, year to year.

Sorry, that's as specific as it can be. The winters we have is the weather we deal with, every year when it happens, here in Wisconsin. My links for earlier posts show that. Some first snows were traces of flurries, some were melt-laters like today, and some we needed to get the snow shovels to dig out!

As we all do wherever we live, we deal with what we need to when it happens. A good question, I tried to answer it honestly, but honestly there is no good answer other than it varies.

delcatto said...

Thank you, a good answer. We've had very windy and wet weather here on the east coast but there are reports of floods elsewhere in the west. Our neighbours tree has been stripped of red berries by the birds which might presage a hard winter but, I don't know.

Scoakat said...

Yeah, I could have stopped at the first sentence. I typed my thoughts as I considered it. More words than the post itself!