Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sloppy Snow And A New Toilet

As I write this we are getting our first significant snowfall of the season, it snowed a trace overnight last week so we got to miss out on the first.  We're expected to get about 1-2 inches, mostly wet and sloppy stuff that isn't expected to last, thankfully.  That's good because we haven't cleaned up the leaves or gutters outside yet.

Also, I came home from work early today to meet the plumber.  We are having a new toilet installed this afternoon.  The old one was from 1947, so our house must have been built in 1947 or 1948.  We only had a rough idea about how old the house was until we saw the date on the toilet.  64 years old!  Imagine all the, well, things that toilet has seen in that time, or don't, actually.  The new toilet is much more efficient, 1.6 gallons per flush, but has a capacity of 1000g, which I'm told is enough to take down a small cat, so it should be good for our needs.  It is a Gerber Avalanche toilet if you are curious enough to google it.  When he is done with the toilet he'll be looking at our water softener.  It has been acting a bit off lately so I want to get some tips on how to clean and maintain it or have him fix it, whatever is needed.  I always hated dealing with plumbing so I hope all my questions and problems are resolved very soon.  I'm not going to post any pics of this event, but I may update this later when all is finished.

Update a bit later:  All went well.  The new toilet fits the space very well and the water softener just needs a good cleaning out.  All in all, an ugly, sloppy day outside but a good day inside!  I think I'll make myself a drink now....

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