Sunday, December 4, 2016

First Snow, 2016

It started snowing this morning and fell steadily all day until recently.  We just came in a little bit ago from clearing the driveway and walks, at almost sunset.  A wet, heavy 3 or 4 inches of the stuff.  I was going to post a picture I took earlier but I changed my mind and decided to post some short videos I took today of the cats by the front windows.  See, I had laces delivered for my boots earlier today and during the Packer game I decided to change them out.  The cats were fascinated with this process so when I got done I gave them the old laces to play with, draping them over their throne.

You can see plenty of our first snow in the back of the videos while enjoying a short video of our adorable cats!  The first video is Hamish, clearly the leader in this kind of play.  Second is Basil, taking a turn after Hamish got a little tired (yet he still jumps in at the end!).

After the break is a Hamish video that I uploaded first mistakenly and can't make myself remove it since it's already uploaded.  Just more kitty cuteness with freaking snow in the background.

Like it or not, winter is back.  Here.  Now.  Sigh.


Blue Witch said...

*stamps Witchy feet*

Wants snow.

It's warming up here again though, having spent the past few nights being colder than for years at this time of year (about minus 3 C).

Scoakat said...

I'd love to share - in fact, you can have it all!

-3 is cold enough, how often do you get snow there? Our HIGH temps will only be in the 20's the rest of the week, about -1 to -7 C. Lucky us!