Monday, April 25, 2016

The Disappearing Contractor

I have been getting estimates for a roof and a porch project we are planning.  I had a meeting scheduled this evening, in fact.  It was a rather odd meeting.  I was going to leave this comment at their website, but didn't even trust giving them my information for that, but I also didn't want that writing to go to waste so here it is (making me write more):

- - - - - -

Strike number one, Crystal, at 608 286-xxxx, called 8 times without leaving a message.

Strike number two, after I finally called that number back and let her set up an appointment she made sure to say at the end of the call to make sure that my wife and I are both there.  That tells me they are going to want to leave with a signed deal, and be persistent about it.

Strike number three, after discussing my porch project to a befuddled representative, I said never mind, if that's not what you do then let's talk about the other project, a new roof, and we did.  He said he would get up there and get me a quote and went back to his car and left. 

I find this all rather funny, how about you?

You know, I don't even trust this website.  I shall not submit this to you, but perhaps call you out on my own site.

- - - - - -

From first shaking hands he acted like he was not told about the porch part of the equation.  It was not what he normally does, even though his business had 'remodeling' in the name (a local contractor affiliated with the larger company).  After he repeated again that this is not normally what he does I said well, then I wouldn't be inclined to hire you for it, let's talk about the roof then, and we did.  He said he was going to get his ladder to get on the roof and take measurements to get me a quote.  I wandered the back yard for a few moments picking at weeds, never did hear a ladder.  I walked over and looked up the driveway and he was gone.

Kate and I both were very surprised, bemused, and then even amused at the whole encounter.
Your Home Improvement Co is certainly not mine.
That's that, then.

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