Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Happy Birthday, Cats!

Whaddaya want? They're cats.  You try to get them to pose for a picture!
Basil and Hamish turn 4 today,  or about today.  April 20 is the estimated date of their birth by the vet that examined them after they were found and taken in by Dane County Friends of Ferals.  They were so tiny when we got them, that was June 9 almost 4 years ago.  We wanted two male brothers and we got them.  And they get along as well as we could ever hope.  But for brothers they could not be more different, body types and personalities, and that does keep it interesting!

Happy Birthday Hamish Pie* and   Basil Boo*!

*My wife is responsible for the 'cutesy' version of their names!


delcatto said...

Lovely cats. Are they indoor cats or do they go outside? Our two are loving the dry warm weather (raining today!) and disappear for hours which causes us some anxiety. We don't let them out at night though.
Happy Birthday Kitties!

Kel said...

Happy birthday! HAHAHA nice pic!

Scoakat said...

Thank you! They are indoor cats. We've taken them outside a few times in summers past, Hamish takes to it more than Basil. They will remain indoor cats, but we do have them chipped if they ever venture away.

Mom said...

Happy Birthday Cats!!