Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring Tulips In Snow

20130402 005
Tulips in snow.
When we woke up this morning it looked much like my last post.  It snowed most of the early morning with some accumulations but with temperatures at or just above freezing it was melting immediately on roads and walkways.  Then it went from snow to sun to snow to sun, more times than I could count as we were in and out much of the day, until it finally stayed sunny sometime after 3 o'clock this afternoon.

More Tulips in snow.
 It was rather amazing, just watching the weather out the window change.  In a matter of minutes it had gone from sunny to blizzard-like.  And this happened several times throughout the day.  Watching the radar you could see band after band of snow, like tiger bands, with a separation between each where we had partial to full sun.  Many times it was sunny with snow still falling.

Not Tulips.  Daffodil among the coming Irises.
A tiger striped late spring snowstorm.  Odd kind of weather pattern, I'm sure, and interesting but unless I hear otherwise I  will not delve further than what I may happen to hear of the local meteorologists.  Who knows?  It could have been a pretty rare snow weather phenomena.  And it would have made a wonderful time lapse video.  But as long as it is not a harbinger of the apocalypse then I'm good.

We are soooo ready for warmer weather here.  Just a little longer...


delcatto said...

A time lapse video would have been fascinating. Spring has arrived here at long last but the rain has very much arrived with it. Hey ho, it's good for the garden. Hopefully you won't have too long to wait.

Scoakat said...

Hi Delcatto! This is what our early spring is like, you'd think I'd be used to it by now. The tiger striped snowstorms were on Saturday. Sunday we had highs in the seventies - comfortable T shirt weather, and it was very nice. Today, Monday, it was below freezing when I went to work and did not climb higher than a few degrees above freezing all day.

Yep. Gotta love Wisconsin weather!
(No, I don't.)