Sunday, May 18, 2014

Catching Up Outside, Part II

In my haste to get the pictures uploaded, formatted and posted I forgot to mention a few details.  Not just for you, we look back here sometimes to find out when was the last time we did something, stuff like that.  So I want it on record that we got the house washed today, and the windows - inside and out.  It's still a bit cool to enjoy having the windows open comfortably.  But it is a nice feeling that we have them paid off even before we can fully enjoy them - we just had them installed last November.

The back steps are scrubbed and ready for another water sealing.  That should be pretty easy to do any evening this week, as long as the overnight temperatures are warm enough.  I also have a couple painting projects this year.  I bought black paint yesterday to do the garage trim, and eventually I need white paint to clean up and repaint the trim along the roofline at the front and back of the house.  Then there are the front railings that I should take a wire brush to and then spray paint.  And if that isn't enough, this fall I could get a start on some concrete patching and painting on the foundation.  Next spring we want to do the whole foundation but I can probably get the areas where there are no plants done yet this year.  We'll see.  I hate painting.  Wait.  No, that's right.  I hate painting.  And plumbing.

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