Monday, May 26, 2014

'Helicopter' Season Began Today

You know, the winged seeds of maple trees.  Now they'll literally be all over the house and yard for a few weeks.  The squirrel bastards* will feast, and even plant or hide many in the lawn and garden.  I'll have to clean the gutters again when it is over.  I also saw the first signs of the cottonwood tree's spring presence today.  I have no idea where the cottonwood trees are around here, but we are aware of them every spring.  We got a little rain and wind this evening and, if you look closely at the picture, every dot in that sky is a 'helicopter.'
 Actually, this isn't so much of a complaint as it is an acknowledgement of our particular rites of spring, living where we do.  After all, so many events occur only briefly every season, especially in the springtime.  We really have to remind ourselves sometimes to try to appreciate these events for the wonder that they are.  And also sometimes be thankful they are only for a limited time...

20140526 B 021

*My latest conclusion is that all squirrels are bastards.  They seem to dig up or get into everything eventually. 

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