Sunday, May 18, 2014

Catching Up Outside

Last weekend we had friends over for our first fire pit party of the season.  Nothing spectacular, but always a good time with good food and good friends.  (On a side note, I just bought a party game that I think will be a blast to play with this bunch!)  I think Bridget is raising her glass here, I don't believe she would be flipping off my camera.  At least I hope not!
20140518 002b

20140518 018I finally finished the drain project at the side of the house.  I put the new drain tube in a few weeks ago, before the hostas came up, but I wanted to get the tray at the end inset into the ground a little bit.  It will probably still hold some water in the tube after a rain, but surely not as much as the old one, which I had to replace due to it breaking at the elbow by the drain pipe.  It's still a bit of an awkward corner, but what else can I do?  It looks good enough to me, but I do still want to get a hose guide in that corner.
20140518 019
Spring is here!  The gnome has it's home for the season.
20140518 020

Kate has done even more planting, check out the garden here.
20140518 012

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