Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

Another Wednesday post, I have the time this day of the week to do it.  My half day was pretty unplanned this week until I broke my headphones at work yesterday.  So I had to make a trip to a local store for a replacement set and a couple odds and ends.  Then, after an early lunch out, I had tentatively planned on doing some work in the yard, raking and mulching leaves.  Well, there are still leaves to fall and all the plants in the flowerbeds aren't even done yet, we still have day lilies blooming outside the back door, so I've made the rest of the day mine to be lazy and relax a bit.  There is still plenty of time to clean up the yard, perhaps another 6 weeks or so, by my reckoning.

About the time I left work kids were starting to come through.  In this department people are allowed to go home and get the kids to come and trick or treat at work.  I only saw a few by the time I left, but we'll have plenty more here at home tonight.  Kate is worried that we will run out of candy, but I think if we stick to only 2 pieces per kid we should be okay.  And if we run out, oh well, I want to go to bed early anyway.  Happy Halloween!

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