Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just Spilling My Brain

PhotobucketIt has been some time since I have spilled my gray matter all over the page, so it is time to start typing again and see what comes out...

  • As I sat to write this it occurred to me that I hadn't gotten back to childhood chum after several weeks, so I paused this to write him a reply.  It seems there is talk of a possible reunion of our small parochial school class.  If it comes to be, I think it would be pretty interesting to meet and get to know them now, as adults.  We'll see.
  • The weather is turning cooler, leaves are falling, and this weekend we are getting the rain we missed all summer.  I have started some of the yard cleanup for Winter, but there should still be plenty of time, especially with another very mild Winter expected again.  Even though I am not a huge fan of Winter, I would trade a mild one for a more seasonable Spring and Summer next year.
  • We had friends over a week ago Saturday for what we expect will be the last fire pit party of the year.  Temperatures were in the low 40's, but the fire made it much nicer to be outside.  Our friends, B&Z, brought over their home brew for trying, but again it was forgotten over the course of the evening.  Last time they came over they brought homemade apple crisp using the apples from their tree and again it was forgotten in the festivities.  I'm sorry, B&Z, the slights have not been intentional.
  • I managed to throw out my back again on Thursday after work.  I missed work Friday, but I'm feeling better already.  I've certainly hurt it worse than this in the past, but I am no longer used to the muscle relaxers that I take so often, and without that tolerance they make me very tired.  So at least I got some good sleep!
  • Family-wise, my sister has a dog, her kids have emails now (that I haven't used yet), and they are all settling into their new home a state away.  My brother I have not heard from in a while, but if he's like me then no news is good news.  My Mom still wants me to go a different neighboring state to see her new home.  I hate to travel and now we are more scattered than ever.  Sigh.
  • A couple weeks ago when we returned home from a weekend away with the in-laws we had no cable, phone or internet.  It was fixed after a few hours, but after terrible customer service over 2 days and 3 long phone calls I gave them a piece of my mind and now I have the sports tier on cable for free for 3 months.  Speaking of, the NFL Red Zone Channel is on right now...
PTFO - and Go Packers tonight!


Mike Firesmith said...

Your pumpkin looks like my head felt.

If the Packers miss the number one seed by one game and they have to go to Seattle for a playoff game that is going to be intense.

Scoakat said...

Hi Mike!
If there is a playoff against Seattle - which I'd love to see - I'd like to think the Packers would roll over them pretty well. We've been pretty spoiled as football fans in Wisconsin for quite some time now, losing is not familiar or enjoyable. Badgers or Packers.
I hope your head feels better by now. Sorry I was late moderating the comment. Please respond again any time!