Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Day, Part Two

Last week I obviously got a little frustrated with cats and a list of things to do.  The good news is that I felt much better after writing that post and managed to get most things listed done, and even a few things more.

20121024 008 carToday my half day off got off to a bad start.  When I left work I noticed a ding in my windshield that was not there 4 hours earlier, I would have noticed - I couldn't have not noticed with the location.  I abandoned my errands and drove home like a grandma, hoping it would not spiderweb before I could get it fixed.  I've watched windshield cracks grow in front of me before, it's not a good feeling to watch it grow from a free repair (with insurance) to a few hundred dollar new windshield (at my cost).  The security guard at work has reviewed the tape and no one apparently approached my vehicle, so it was probably just a rock kicked up from somewhere.  Just my dumb luck.  I called around and found a place that should be able to fix it later this afternoon so at least I won't have to miss time at work getting it fixed.

20121024 015So aside from that, there are a few things I can get done around here while I'm stuck at home.  I have already done the little bit of painting in the living room.  I'm hoping it matches better when dry or else I may have to get a darker shade of white.  (Why are there a million different kinds of white paint?)  I was able to mow to mulch leaves a few days ago on Saturday.  It should dry out a bit more later this afternoon so I can do the back yard again.  Almost all of the neighbor's Black Walnut leaves have fallen so I hope to mulch up what is on the lawn so I can use the rest of the leaves that fall as mulch in the flower beds.  Also, I am overdue (once again) for a garden blog update.  I just took some pics a bit ago, but I may wait for it to dry out so I can blow some of the leaves out of the garden before I post pics over there.

In the meantime, I may just have to put my feet up for a bit....  PTFO

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