Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm Having A Day

Today is Wednesday.  Wednesday is supposed to be my day.  I work 9 hour shifts every other weekday, Wednesdays I usually get off at ten in the morning.  My last task at work was a headache,  I had to make some sense out of a messed up batch of work.  When I got home the cats just would not leave me alone, still won't.  I tried to find a fix for our end table situation in the living room.  It does need upgrading($) eventually, but what we have now seemed to be working for the time being until my wife suddenly wanted them rearranged last night.  I'm also trying to make a cheesecake for us now but I can't find the right measuring spoons anywhere in the kitchen.  I finally found the beaters but I don't know where the hell the mixer is, and I've looked, and looked.  I wasn't planning on mowing because I thought it was going to rain, but it's not, so I should.  I'm hoping to go out to lunch, then I'm tasked with some scraping, spackling and eventually sanding and painting in the living room.

I'm not very happy at the moment.  Most will get done, but not all.  I will go out to lunch and then just take it from there.

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