Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hurray, Hurray! The First Of May!...

...Outdoor Humping Starts Today! - Buzz Burbank - every year.

Happy May Day, Masturbation Month, Memorial Day, Mother's Day, and any other Day for the month, just so we're covered.  First off, I'm a day late, I know it.  Second, I think I just mentioned two things in the same sentence that can be rather disturbing...  No, don't read back!

My wife has been chastising me lately for not posting so much.  I work hard on a computer all day, I get tired.  Posting isn't just a hammer-it-out thing for me, I can read and re-read several times, sometimes, trying to get it just right.  Even now, trying not to, I have edited my previous sentence, dang it.  How about I just get right to it, eh?

I was out taking pictures of the garden for a post over on my garden blog, when I decided to take a few pictures of all the plants that we have coming up and growing in our yard.  It is a yard plant pic dump, of sorts.  First off, is a pic of the alium (purple puff balls) finally opening.  Lots more after the break if you wish to view the rest!

The hostas along the back fence are starting to fill out, they will get so big they are almost seamless.  The lilac in the background is almost done flowering, we have cut and brought several in the house, as well.
The same, expected, growth around the tree.  If you enlarge, open in a new window, you will see several new small ground cover plants, planted early this Spring and marked by the white sticks.  At the bottom left, a peony is coming back, small but healthy, after 2 replantings last year.
The same view I have been posting lately, of the day lilies under the stairs, now-budding irises, and alium at the right starting to open.
The lily of the valley along the garage are filling out nicely and the aromatic flowers have been opening.  If you look close you'll see some fresh dirt and grass seed along the lawn side.  It seems they like to travel so I had to pound in some edging several inches to just below the surface to try and stop them.
From the back steps, the peony by the driveway...
...and the day lilies in the corner. Kate said she will split up the two big ones again this Fall.

The front of the house is just a bit of yard and landscaping, trimmed evergreen bushes by the house and a sidewalk.  The non-driveway side is just another row of hostas along the house.  Rather plain, but they do not get as much sun in the summertime, and we do have a pot and a hanging plant on the front entry every season.

Thanks for taking a look!

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