Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pic Dump 40

40, huh?  Time flies.  As my pic dumps approach middle age, all the same rules apply.  I have 50 plus pics to share (and dump off my computer) that I have saved in my travels through the internet since my last pic dump.  Some will shock, some will amaze and some will leave you shaking your head in befuddlement, but most are hilariously humorous!  For the most part, they just caught my eye at the right time and I saved them to share just with you.  Some may be (will be) NSFW, click the pic for original size if different (although blogger may be doing a slide show thing now, I think), much more after the break and just...  Enjoy!

First off, from right here in Madison, Wisconsin, featured in our Dane County Jail since late last year, whats-his-name!  This made the rounds in the national media due to his legal name, changed last November if I remember right, shortly before he was jailed.  He's a bit of an interesting story, look it up if you wish.  Google should have no problem confusing him with anyone else!

Once again, many thanks to 'My Favorite Sites' listed in the right column always, and here now:
Bits & Pieces, Crazy, Lazy, Silly and Strange, I Have Seen The Whole Of The Internet, Naughty Bits, and the Watcher's Web Funny Farm.

Actually, that is the end of the regular pic dump, thank you for making it this far.  What follows are some backgrounds I want available to me online so I am posting them where I can find them easily, feel free to enjoy these, too!

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