Friday, May 18, 2012

11th Anniversary

Today was my and Kate's eleventh wedding anniversary.  We were together for over three years before that, so that makes me an even luckier man.  I waited until I was older to settle down - I only wanted to be married once, and I still feel that way.  My wife has been my best friend and has brought out the best in me.  I know this is a quote from some movie I don't know, but she 'makes me want to be a better man.'  I love you, Kate, and I always will.

Also, recently some robins have taken up roost along our driveway on neighbor Jane's fence.  After Kate got home, but before we went out tonight, I noticed both birds in the backyard so I knew I could sneak up on the nest without them attacking me.  The nest is on the top of the fence in the plant that is right in the middle of the pic below. Just out of the pic on the left is our garage.  (We're lucky to have a neighbor that likes her plants and yard like Jane does!)


Mom said...

What a nice tribute to you both!
Happy, Happy Anniversary!! Love you both.

Kel said...

Happy Anniversary (belated)!!

Scoakat said...

Thank you both!