Friday, May 11, 2012

Just A Plant Update

Once again, I was taking photos for the garden blog and I snapped another of the flower bed out back to show the growth that's happened in just the last week or so.  The irises have shot up their buds and there's even one or two open already.  Mostly they are a pale, dirty yellow (the ones that were here when we moved in) but there are also pink and purple mixed in that we got from a friend at my work a couple years ago.  The alium (purple puffballs) are also at the height of their bloom right now.

The weather this Spring has been odd.  After a very mild Winter, March had temps in the 70's and 80's, April was mostly a more seasonal 50's with the obligatory 'April showers' and May is looking good so far with 70's projected for the next week or more.


delcatto said...

It has been a very odd spring here as well. Despite a 'drought' we have had six weeks of daily and often very heavy rain. The last two days have been dry with the odd bit of sun so an opportunity to crack on with the gardening. Hopefully you'll have plenty of gardening & BBQ weather to come.

Scoakat said...

Here's to favorable weather and an enjoyable Summer, for both our sides of the planet!