Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cinco De Mayo Peeps*

*Update 5/15/12.  I combined all three videos into one using youtube's editor feature (for the first time).  Only one video now, and no page break.  Original written post remains.  Enjoy!

So yesterday, Cinco de Mayo was an excuse for us to have some friends over for some food, drinks and a fire.  Well, 'Saturday' would have been a good enough excuse but now there was a reason to play odd Mexican music in our house for an evening.  The food, drinks and socializing around the fire in the back yard were the main attraction.  I eventually remembered the camera, so after snapping a few bad pics, someone called for video when the orange peep toasting was about to start, and I was 'happy' (read: intoxicated) enough to oblige...

Here is the first of three videos I took in a short period of time.  It sets the table with what is going on.  After the break are two short videos of sacrificing the last peeps, with a bit of a frantic save, an accidental turning off the video, and the last video is the restart, seconds later, to finish it all off.
We had a very fun night with friends and this was just one of our small adventures, the funny peep finale videos after the break!

As soon I saw the peeps fall off, I jumped up to get them back up to where they would burn and not be a sticky mess on the side. The camera was lost to me until after, I had no idea I was catching myself from below, and even accidentally hit the 'off' button when I picked it back up, thus the short part 3 video, next.

Our thanks to all that came out, we had a great night with you!

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