Saturday, March 5, 2011

A New Project And PT

Yeah, it's finally Saturday!  I've had a slow posting week as you can see.  My site traffic has slowed back down to the usual teens per day.  It was interesting getting so many hits last month, yet no one left a comment.  Heck, my family doesn't even comment anymore.

Estimates are starting to come in for a project we want done this spring.  There is one more contractor coming out early next week to take a look and get us one more estimate before we make a decision on who to hire.  The project is a door and steps for the back porch.  We want to put in a door where one of the windows is, then have a little landing and steps going down towards the driveway.  Easier access to the back yard will make grilling and entertaining much easier.  Right now we have a front door and a side door only.  I'm sure I'll have much more on this as we get closer to getting it done, first the ground has to thaw.

Thursday was PT again, my knee bend is now up to 114 degrees.  I have only one more PT visit approved by my insurance coming up in 3 weeks.  My therapist is going to ask for more, but neither of us is very optimistic knowing how my insurance company is so cheap.  Still, there are things he can do for my knee that I just can't duplicate by myself at home so it is worth asking.  Also, next week I have what may be my final x-rays and follow-up with the orthopaedist.  I'm still using the cane, less and less at home lately, but it is still necessary.  I lurch without it but I have to learn to walk with my knee bent slightly again and not do the peg leg thing.  But I'm getting there, still progressing even though it feels like slow progress.  It has been over 6 months now since I broke my femur, I never thought it would take this long to get back...


delcatto said...

Could your therapist argue that a small amount of money spent now will save more money spent later? Mind you, I am being naive given we are talking about an insurance company! Good to see you making progress.

Scoakat said...

The doctor ordered a few more for me today so the insurance will have to allow it.