Monday, March 21, 2011

Kate's Paint And Tile

Aside from recent work outside on the garden and yard, the past few weekends and some weeknights have been spent remodelling the kitchen.  My wife has done most everything for this project, sometimes getting frustrated with me and my lackadaisical approach.  Truth is, I found out when we did the bathroom that I really hate painting and I hope we don't have to do it again for a long time.  Unfortunately, though, the bathroom needs some touch up work done, so that will have to be done soon as well.

Anyway, the last of the wallpaper was removed a few weeks ago and the walls have now been painted a new shade, aganthus green, and the ceiling has a new coat of paint as well.  There have been several touch ups needed and that's fine, it is looking better and better.

Sunday afternoon she was looking at putting up the tile backsplash and just jumped right in.  I had to make a quick rainy run to the hardware store because we were short on adhesive, but otherwise it seemed to go up pretty smoothly.  it really changes the look of the kitchen for the better.

The adhesive must dry now for a couple of days before we grout it.  Tonight we can pull out the spacers and sponge it down, though.

More paint and tile pics after the break.


delcatto said...

It looks good and a nice choice of colours.
I hate DIY although I did tile the bathroom a few years back. Not bad for the first time although the grouting was hurried because i wanted to make last orders in the pub.
Our kitchen needs redecorating and Mrs C has her eye on that particular job this summer.

Scoakat said...

Thanks, Delcatto. I'm glad there's not too much work needed on this house. The grouting will probably be done this weekend. My wife wanted me to say thanks and that it probably took her 6 months to decide on the colors! Good luck with your kitchen!