Saturday, March 19, 2011

Horns Up!

I had my 'Horns Up' all day yesterday celebrating my favorite pastime.  Shortly after I got to work I just felt the need to do some serious rocking out via ipod.  At times, I was expecting someone to shoot a rubber band to tell me my headphones were too loud, but no one complained.  (From what I heard in between songs they were probably too busy gossiping and such to care about my sound leaks.) I did listen to some talk podcasts to give my ears a break but still managed to listen to many of my favorite thrash albums while still churning out more work than is expected of me.  Jamming to my favorite music probably even made me work faster.  That feeling followed me in the car on my way home and I played concert DVDs on my computer until my wife went to bed.  I can't literally bang my head anymore with my bulging neck disc so I have to do a more subtle full body sway as I rock out, but I still enjoy the hell out of my music!

In other happenings, my wife tells me the peas need to be planted today so expect an update or two over at the garden blog.  Today is supposed to be sunny and in the low 50's and tomorrow cooler and rain so today is the day to do it!


Kel said...

Music works. :) I usually listen to music when I work too and it definitely makes me focus and be more productive!

Enjoy the planting! We will come enjoy your backyard soon. YOU have a helicopter to fly with a little boy!!

Scoakat said...

And I'm looking forward to it. Just ask Kate, I wanted one for myself!