Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kate's Paint And Tile - Part II

Today my handy wife did the grouting on the tile under the cabinets.  I'm proud of how she just took it upon herself to research how to do it right and then get in there and get her hands dirty.  I've been broken again lately so my role has been more to shop, advise and reassure her that she's doing a great job.  It wasn't a very large space and the float trowel was pretty big so a kitchen spatula was sacrificed to help in the smaller areas and around the edges.  In a couple hours we can sponge off the tile, then the next step is to get caulk and run a bead along the lower edge of the tile and perhaps the ends of the counter.

Below is what my wife did to our kitchen - I think it looks a hundred times better than when we moved in!

Of course, this is only one view in the kitchen, but I looked through some old pics and found similar views so go ahead and click read more below to see somewhat of the progression.

This is a pic from when we moved in.  Love those granny curtains!

Still have the wallpaper, but I like the new window treatments.

The wallpaper is gone, the painting mostly finished.

And, again, how it looks now, almost completed and so much more 'us' and no more 'old lady' style.

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Kel said...

Tell Kate it looks awesome!! Great job!