Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stabbed In The Neck

I've been stabbed in the neck!  I had an appointment at the hospital first thing this morning for a cortisone injection into a nerve root in my neck.  You know, that pesky nerve problem that has been bugging me for several months now?  Truthfully, my leg and my lower back have caused me more pain and discomfort lately than my neck - unless I cough hard or sneeze - but I will be going back to work in a week and the more I use my upper body the more that bulging disk will bother me.  Hopefully it won't bother me anymore, though.  I still suspect I'll need surgery eventually but I have high hopes that it can be put off for a long time.   I have a little log to fill out and in two weeks I need to call the doctor's office back and then it will be determined whether this shot was a success or not.  Here's hopin' for the best!

I know I haven't been posting much recently and what I have posted is mostly medical updates.  That's really all I have going on.  My days are spent gazing at the computer moving from one mindless web page to the next.  I only leave the house to see a doctor.  I have no life right now.  I do expect things to improve rather quickly though, and getting back to work should help force the issue.

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Kel said...

Hope it helps and you are back up and at 'em soon! :) I'll email you a pic of the kids in their Halloween costumes, they love them and are so cute of course! ;) Right now J and I are sick (cold, fever, etc) and hopefully L escapes it. Hang in there! Love ya!