Friday, October 22, 2010

Physical Therapy

I just got back from my first physical therapy appointment for my leg.  The most my knee bends is now 40 degrees, less than halfway to sitting upright in a chair.  I have two different exercise sets to do every day, 3 times daily, plus ice packs and compression since there is still swelling.  I really hope the exercises that I have to do will work well and the sooner the better.  I have 4 more appointments over the next 4 weeks to make that happen.  I was also there to get a few pointers on my neck, but that is secondary.  I think my neck is past the point where any physical therapy will help and after reading my notes and testing my neck the therapist seemed to agree.

On a side note, when we were leaving I saw somebody from my work that I usually see and talk to every day, so of course I forgot his name!  Sorry Ted!  I felt pretty stupid but that seems to be how my brain works.  I'll remember his face forever but without the day to day interaction I forget names.  I'll have to remember everybody's name very soon!  I hope I don't offend anyone if I forget.

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