Saturday, October 16, 2010

Old-Computer Don't-Know-What-I'm-Doing Blues

Well, where the hell have I been?  I haven't posted this little since I started this thing.  I'll try to do better in the future.  Lately though, being on the computer has been a bit of a pain ever since a windows 'update' last week.  I had to try to get a handle on things on this machine that I know so little about.

About 2 months ago, before I broke my leg, our computer was almost plum full so I bought a 1 Terabyte external hard drive (for less than 100 bucks - not a bad deal).  Since then I have been moving over video and music files.  Since this latest episode I am now finding some bad music files here and there.   Sometimes a whole cd, sometimes just a song or two.  A developing bad spot on my hard drive perhaps?  So I have been trying to finish my transfer of music with more urgency.  I will have to address missing tracks and missing albums later.  I have about 50 more bands to transfer before I'm finally done.  I have a lot of music.

Itunes is a whole other animal.  Those bad files have led to many (!)'s that need to be fixed.  I only have about half of my audio files in itunes, about nine thousand tracks.  I may just start over, reset my ipod, and just add as needed and not be so anal/perfectionist/OCD about it like I usually am.  Itunes is secondary, though, I need to see to my computers health.  I don't think I'm that bad off but our computer is quite old and we're admittedly overdue for an upgrade.

My mom's boyfriend, Dan, knows alot about computers and has offered to help.  I think I will take him up on that soon.  First I want to transfer as much as I can over to the new hard drive.  A very tedious task.  I just don't want him here to help and we spend too much time doing stuff I could or should have done first.  But soon, mom, soon I will call and we can make some plans for a Saturday and get this done.

Keep your fingers crossed - I'd be lost without a computer.  Take my TV but I need my computer!

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Mom said...

Whenever you're ready, Dan will be glad to help. How is the back/leg doing?