Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sleep, Stress And Sickness

I've been having a real hard time sleeping lately.  Mostly I have been sleeping in my recliner the past several weeks so I can have my broken leg in a semi comfortable position.  In bed, I have been limited to just flat on my back, which just doesn't cut it for me..  I've been trying to sleep on my sides in bed recently, and I can, but only for very short periods of time.  So, essentially, I have been sleeping when I am too exhausted to remain awake, which adds up to just a few hours a day.  We have an OTC sleep aid in the medicine cabinet and I think I need to try that tonight.

Last night I had an appointment for an MRI on my upper back/neck area for that nerve problem I was whining about right before I broke my leg.  I last had an MRI about 10 years ago before my lower back surgery.  Since then I feel that I have become more claustrophobic so I requested a sedative so I wouldn't freak out in the machine.  I'm not sure how much of an effect the sedative had, but I got through it.  I had to have my head fixed in with a part that went under my chin, my elbows hit the sides, and when I opened my eyes my nose was 2 inches from the top.  Very small quarters indeed.  I never totally panicked, but I had to keep my eyes closed and I tried to keep myself occupied by counting the pulses or moving my feet rhythmically.  When it was all done I was very relieved to get out of that damn tube.

After coming home from the MRI, about 6:30, we ordered out pizza.  It was time to relax after a stressful venture out.  All trips are stressful still.  I am not used to moving myself longer distances with the crutches or the walker.  I had the crutches last night, but they were nice enough to give me a wheelchair ride back to the elevator.  From there it was just a short hop to the car.  Anyway, after dinner I was out like a light for maybe 2 hours.  Upon awakening I wanted to try to sleep in bed.  Unfortunately my wife was wanting to go to bed at that time too, and she didn't appreciate the noises I was making.  I responded more harshly than I should have, but eventually got up to leave the bedroom to her.  Then it got interesting.  Sickness happened in a few different ways, none of which you want to hear about here.  I have been phlegmy for a few days and I have a heck of a headache this morning, so maybe I'm getting sick or maybe it was just a reaction to the sedative.  Time will tell.

This morning was testy.  I actually slept for about 5 straight hours, very good for me lately.  But my wife had a terrible nights sleep and the stress of having to do everything came to the surface again.  Besides working full time she has to take care of me and do all of the household chores and duties herself and it is taking its toll on her.  To her all I have to do is eat, sleep and heal while her workload and to do list is never ending.  I love my wife greatly and appreciate all that she is doing for me, but it's hard for her to know that right now.  I do wish I was more mobile and could help her.  In time, I guess, in time.  It's certainly no picnic for me, either.

Later this week I have two appointments.  First with the orthopaedic surgeon to check on the progress of my leg.  It is still swollen and I still can't bend it much at all so I highly doubt I will be back to work for a few more weeks yet.  Hopefully I can start putting some weight on it soon and it, well, heals more.  There is an incision over my knee cap about 7 inches long, plus they poked seven holes in my leg all around the area.  All that digging around in my flesh in a relatively small area is proving to need quite some time to heal.  After that, my next appointment is with my primary doctor to discuss the results of the MRI.  I do know that soon I will have to start physical therapy on both my leg and my back.  Hopefully with promising results in both areas or it is possible I may have to have another surgery soon on my back.  Sigh, just what we need...

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Mom said...

Wow, you have both been dealing with so much. Wish we could help you out! Enjoy this gorgeous fall weather if you can. I could take this all year round. Keep on keeping on!! Love ya both!