Sunday, October 3, 2010

Breakfast At Ronald's

My wife was nice and ran to McDonald's for me this morning before she went out to breakfast with her father.  I've indulged in their food several times in the past 5 weeks or so, since I broke my leg.  But this morning's meal I could not finish.  The taste had a strong undercurrent of 'burnt'.  Kind of like when you can taste the 'burnt' on a roasted marshmallow that had caught on fire.  Not my favorite taste.  It didn't matter if I had the hash browns or the McGriddle, it all had that taste.  I think I'm done with them for a while again, but I'm sure I'll be back eventually.  I seem to go in cycles with a lot of the foods I eat, like I get sick of frozen pizza for a couple months then buy them again.  Does anyone else do this or am I nuts?

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