Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Wife Helps Me

I was back to work today, all doped up and ready to go! I got muscle relaxers and pain killers from my doctor to get me through this 'spell.' I've had worse episodes, but none of them are fun. Thankfully my wife understands this and helps me out with some of the chores I normally do. That's her, above, shoveling after work today. Yesterday she shoveled the whole driveway and walks while I was inside having a nap (remember the back pain, and now I have drugs?). She helps me through my 'spells' and I love her for it.

Now I just have to remember to show her how to use the snowblower!


Kelly said...

Yup, you got a good woman there! :) Hope your back gets fun!

Mom said...

Sorry to hear your back is acting up again! Oh sure, right before a big snow!!! You better be very good to your lovely wife. She's a gem. Love you both!

Scoakat said...

Thank you. I'll be fine in a few days or so.