Friday, February 19, 2010

'Back' In Business

My back, my back, my back, oh my aching back.

Today I actually felt somewhat normal at work.  I was able to move about much more comfortably than I have in over a week and a half.  I would say I'm a cautious 90%.  Keep in mind my 100% is most peoples 85%.  If I remember correctly, after my surgery about 9 years ago I  was told I'm legally 15% disabled.  I'm not sure how that number is decided or who decides it.  (I should make a note to ask my doc next time.)

Tomorrow is TGIF!  We will be meeting friends shortly after work for drinks and a birthday celebration.  Happy Birthday Bridget (I hope that's how you spell it -I'm so ashamed)!  My wife and I get to check out another local tavern/club on the near east side of downtown.*  Our location now does seem to give us a unique opportunity to almost be more of a part of Madison, living on the outskirts just doesn't invite that feeling.   It's kinda nice to get out some...

Oh by the way this post will be posted tomorrow(Friday) about when I expect we'll be home.  Kind of a paranoid protection thing, I guess.  Maybe I've seen a PSA commercial recently?  

Go Badgers! -er, Great Win Badgers! (I hope/expect!)

Edit Friday after work:
Well my back is still okay, no better than yesterday, though.  I think I will wear my brace while out this evening.
Badgers lost.  Not only lost but looked as bad as they've looked all season.  Big Ten Title hopes can probably be dismissed, but they'll recover.
Now I must look up google maps so I know where I'm going.  I'm learning a whole different part of the town that I have had to the last 20 years or so.
What an odd looking post this will be.  I must think things through a bit more sometimes (or less, as the case may be.)

Good Night.

*For that to make sense you have to know that downtown is on the isthmus, south and west to north and east. And is it downtown or uptown?  I think they are one and the same in our city.

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