Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My snoWeek snow far... snow

Monday morning, snow on the car.  Not alot, just enough to blanket everything.  Not cold enough to really want to warm up the car but I did so I could clear snow off it a bit before I left.  Bonus:  It mostly melted during the day.  I used the broom to sweep the front steps.  All else was negligable, but keep in mind this is on top of a foot or more of standing snowcover in places.

Tuesday morning, snow on the car.  Only an inch or so and real light, fluffy and, it turns out, really slippery on the roadways.  I didn't have a problem in my SUV but I heard of all the slide-offs and accidents on the news before leaving and on the way to work.   A bit cooler out, so I warmed it up and cleared the snow off it about ten minutes before I left.  Bonus: It melted off, or blew off, the walk and driveway before I got home!

Wednesday morning, snow on the car.  Inch or so, same as the last two mornings.  A bit cooler yet,  low teens.  So I warmed it up and cleared the snow off it about ten minutes before I left, again.  Bonus:  Snow from this morning may have melted or blown away, but there is snow to clear yet... as soon as it stops snowing.  You didn't think it just snowed at night here, did you?
Tomorrow morning, snow on the car? From what I heard this morning, it sounds much the same but colder yet.  Five degrees.  Bonus:  I need to stop and get gas tomorrow.  Hmmph.

Its like an annoying 'Groundhog Day' or maybe living in a snow globe.  I hope it gets a bit warmer soon... I think I want to shave, for a change.


Kelly said...

lol! This is so you...I love you bro! :)

Scoakat said...

Thanks, Sis!