Monday, February 1, 2010

Car Repairs and the Weekend

We had to have my wife's car towed to the shop Saturday morning. On her way home Friday she had no heat and just as she was getting close to home she said the temperature was getting really high. There was hardly if any coolant left in it when I looked, so I called AAA (they really come in handy sometimes!).

Now I'm hoping we can get the car back tomorrow. There was a broken coolant hose under the engine. Dangest thing, according to the shop. Not the smaller hoses usually found, not the larger hoses usually found, but in between. About 5-8 inches long from what I can gather. They said they've called everywhere but no one has the right size. So we waited until today, when they could get a hold of a dealer. Well the dealer seems to have been not much help at all. It should also be known that the car is a 1997 model and the dealer is dealing with a major recall at the moment.

It not as bad as it could be. My wife and I do work at the same place (different buildings), so we can ride together. But we do have slightly different hours that can be adjusted only temporarily at best. At worst, she'll start work eary (no OT) and I'll have to wait around a while after work for her. Normally am home 15 minutes before she gets off work. We used to drive together when we lived much farther away, but now driving separately doesn't seem like as much of a waste.

Unforeseen Bonus: I get to park my truck in the garage tonight when its snowing. In fact, this is the first time my truck has ever been in the garage!

Other than that a pretty normal weekend. We had lunch with a couple friends, Jerome and Lisa, on Saturday. Just a good little bit of socializing to break up the usual errands and cleaning. We'll get to see them again after work on Friday. There's a little get-together to celebrate Lisa's promotion. Good Luck, Lisa!

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