Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Health Care Reform

There's been alot of talk of President Obama's Health Care Reform lately.

Here's an alternate view, via Attu.

"Health care may be the number one issue at the moment in America. Those who are left-of-center favor a “single payer” model, in which the federal government creates a new and frighteningly strong power as the keeper of the nation’s health. Those right-of-center want to keep the present system, which demands from the (lower) middle classes excessive chunks of their income.

"Is there a third way? Is it possible for a mature and self-conscious society to organize national health care without unnecessarily limiting the freedoms of both the healthy and the sick?

"Yes, it exists. The third way is the Dutch way — a functioning and greatly performing model that is regarded at the moment as the best answer to the question of universal health care."

I found it an interesting read. I've become partial to The Netherlands, actually. It always sounded like it would be more relaxed and a happier existence there. Then again, I only read what I click on, so further research would be required. But why spoil a fantasy?

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