Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Happenings

Happy Sunday, everyone. I hope you are having a good weekend.

Mrs. Scoakat is on the boat today. I stayed back to do a few small projects around here. We are having a little get-together for friends soon, so there some things we want to take care of before then. I got a light fixture replaced today, among other little things. Two trips to Ace Hardware! But I forgot money each time so got halfway there and had to turn around. Oh well, it's only Sunday traffic, so not so bad. I think we found a very nice house. Smaller, yes. Older, yes. But the condition of the place is wonderful. Of course there's always small projects on my list but all are small and nothing is urgent. Thankfully, this house has been kept up very well over the years by the prior owner and her family.

I moved the catbox down 1 step again. It is now down 3 steps for her. She handled two for a couple weeks, so I hope she just deals with it easily. We took down the sheets on either side of the staircase about a week ago. First on one side and a couple days later the other side. I was getting tired of them and my wife thought they had no effect one way or the other to the cat. She seemed to be right, the cat didn't get fazed as far as I can tell. I also moved a night light closer to the catbox for her. The big palm tree pot is still covered in aluminum foil, just in case, of course.

The Brewers just lost - again. They're breaking my heart.

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