Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth! We spent yesterday afternoon on the boat having fun, but today is pretty much a day off. I thought about washing my truck, and there is planting to do, but the mosquitoes have come to life! It has been a cool, calm, cloudy day and they seem to be thriving. Oh well, I'll just have to put my feet up for a while... maybe it'll be more favorable tomorrow. I hope so, I do want to get the lawn mowed before the weekend is over.

I do have pics from yesterday, but even though no one objected when I said I may post one on the internet, I feel funny doing so. I haven't posted my picture, so why someone else? I have to learn how to black out faces correctly or something, maybe.


Mom said...

Love to see your pics. Send to my email.

Scoakat said...

Like these, but with people, essentially: