Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Grandmas are more fun than Ipod Surgery

Hello, I'm still here, just haven't posted lately. If I miss over a week then there may be a problem, but until that happens all is well. I do have a few things to say, just waited to say it, I guess.

I did go down and see grandmotherL this past Saturday. My Sis and her kids, J & L, came with me. It was a fine drive until we got lost. We were both unfamiliar with the newer road, so wound up going just a little out of our way. Despite being a little late, grandmotherL was right there to greet us as we arrived. We went out to eat at a cafe in town and enjoyed catching up. When it came time to pay the check, I fully intended to get it. GrandmotherL would have none of it. I stopped my protestations when she finally said "Shut Up!" She's almost 90. I did as she said. Turns out she had a 50 dollar gift card to use. Half of it went to our dinner, while I insisted at least I could leave the tip. She did let me do that (I left $3.95 - I don't know why I remember). After dinner we went back to her place and continued our visit for another hour or more. I think we all had a real good time. I am very glad my Sis and her kids accompanied me, though. More people help keep the conversation going. J & L were very well behaved. Even back at grandma's house where there wasn't much for them to do while the adults talked.

I just got done with ipod surgery a bit ago. Last week I was losing a channel in my headphones, the ipod jack was going bad. This has happened before, so I knew what to do. I ordered the part right away and it arrived this afternoon. I already had a new battery to install as well so I did it all in one shot. I'm getting to be an old hand at this. I've replaced a video screen, 3 jacks and hold buttons (1 piece), and a battery. Not all on my own ipod, of course. If you got a 5th gen video ipod that needs fixing we could work something out!

I'm not sure what we're going to do yet this 4th of July weekend, there are no plans set in stone. I love hanging around our new house, but I would like to get out a little if the weather's nice. Even if it's just a fast food picnic by the lake. How about you, any plans? Share in the comments.

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