Saturday, May 30, 2015

Vacation, Beer and Chocolate

I've been on vacation this past week, taking it easy and getting a project done here and there when the weather has allowed.  No big project this time, just a few little things.  Finally got the power washer out and washed the house and back steps, 4 days later the rains subsided long enough for the steps to dry enough for me to water seal them.  I still want to add another coat but, alas, it continues to rain.  Other odd things here and there got done, but the one big thing I put off for later - building a platform for the washer and dryer downstairs.  I have all the wood, just need the time and gumption to get it done.

Last night we went with friends to the Goodman Community Center for a Beer and Chocolate tasting fundraiser.  They had the gymnasium opened up and there were about a dozen different local craft breweries and about the same number of local chocolatiers set up and handing out samples of their goods.  While they did have suggested pairings it was pretty busy and a bit chaotic to try to follow all evening.  I filled my card and tried all the sweets available but my wife hit the chocolate wall before she managed.  I did not try all the brews but I do believe I tried all that I had a chance of liking.  One stood out to me, Unshadowed by Ale Asylum.  It was a hazy yellowish beer that had hints of a sour beer but it was not one.  I'm told it is available in local grocery stores so I may have to try it again later.  A suggestion for the event would be to make garbage cans more widely available and require food tables to provide napkins.  On second thought, I guess if you don't give out napkins you don't need a place to throw them away, right?  Mmm, sticky...
We went with our friends Terry, Bridget and Zubin.  Getting them all to look good for the camera was like herding cats.  Zubin is always difficult to nail down, he has googly eyes in this pic.  Time to grow up and get over it Z!  We had a nice evening of friends, beer, chocolate and even live music.  Thankfully the weather held off, I hope it does this afternoon as well...

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