Friday, May 8, 2015

More Rocks

I mowed the lawn for the first time on Wednesday after work.  It could have been done last weekend, but I like to give it a good start on the year before whacking it off at a predetermined length on a weekly basis.  There are different grasses in different parts of the lawn and not all get started at the same rate.  One thing I learned is that I need to take a half hour and scour the lawn for dandelions and dig them out.  I hates dandelions!

20150507 005B

I also dug out some more rocks from around the base of the tree stump.  The flat cinder block type thing on the right I knew was back on the fence line, and I'll find a good use for it.  The others were mostly under a layer of dirt - and there still may be two or three more in there.  There are plenty of places I can fortify or lengthen the new stone 'wall' in back.  I am very much still getting used to not having that big old tree there.  I don't miss the worry of when it might break and fall, but I do miss having a tree there, our tree.  There are still good size trees in the neighborhood, but we are now treeless.

20150507 004
Thursday after work I made my way around the yard with the camera.  I always like to document how/when things grow and happen.  It can be interesting to look back and see where things were in years past.  I just posted a bunch of pics over at the garden blog, our own little garden diary space on the internet, Click Here to go see!

On a side note:  Glad to hear all went well today, Dad, we hope you feel better soon.


Blue Witch said...

All looking really good!

Scoakat said...

Thanks, Blue Witch, I hope you saw the pics on the garden site, too!