Sunday, May 3, 2015

Rocked Out

20150428 004Our tree had a ring of good size rocks around it, mostly real rocks but some concrete and cinder block pieces, even one piece of the original curb that still lines our street.  When the tree was removed the crew moved about half of those rocks to the fence line, the rest I removed the other day.  I think I got them all but only a few good rains will let me know for sure.

This has been the first weekend that I have finally felt that we will stay above the freezing point for the season.  Overall it has been a very cool Spring and we have not yet had much rain.  There is rain in the forecast, though, and I passed on mowing today but it won't last until next weekend.

20150502 001B
Back to the rocks!  I spent part of yesterday lining those rocks up parallel to the back fence in front of the hostas that will be bursting forth soon.  This was nothing I planned, I didn't know they would remove so many at the time, and I wasn't going to try and re-place them back around a stump.  Luckily it was about the right amount of rocks to let me make a good line, from the lilac to almost the compost bin.  I like the definition it gives to the hostas - at least I believe I will once the hostas burst forth.  These hostas are always a bit later than normal because they never get direct sun.

20150502 010
Facing West
20150502 012
Facing East

So, it was an unexpected project, but I had to do something with the rocks.  I've gotten a mostly straight line out of them but I also placed them mostly vertical in the dirt.  We'll see how it holds up for now.  Also, we're still waiting to see what plants come back in the tree area, but a few good rains would clean it up and grow what will still grow.  At least now that it finally seems I can trust it won't freeze again...

20150428 013

And while I'm touting my projects lately, I also cleaned up my work area in the garage a bit and also made myself some handy hooks to install behind the second bedroom door for my hats and clothes.  There are many things to be done in the next few weeks, before my time.  I can almost count down the days to my first vacation of the year, and probably my most needed in a long time.  I have only one big project that I am willing to commit to that week right now, well, maybe.  My present thoughts and later actions may differ at this point.

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Mom said...

Great job with using the rocks. You will like them there, I'm sure. It looks great. I also like your work area in your garage. Great for doing projects on. Love you.