Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Brand New (To Me) Car!

This past week my wife Kate was in Arizona for a work conference.  You would think I would have had more time for myself but that didn't seem to happen.  The cats were a bit off all week, they knew she wasn't there but I still was.  I don't know if they thought she was gone for good or what they were thinking, but it was stressful, and even more when she did get back Friday evening.  Hamish seemed to take it okay but poor Basil didn't know what to think and dumped on the floor.  All was back to normal by bedtime.

06She was barely out of town last Monday evening and I was at a car dealership getting a new-used car.  It was on the to-do list and I had started looking online over the weekend and found one I liked a whole lot.  It's a 2010 Toyota RAV4 Limited, the one pictured on the right.  We already have a 2003 Base RAV4 that I just love driving, but I will move up to the 2010, my wife will now drive the 2003, and we will be getting rid of the 1997 Corolla (that we bought in 2000) that has had no radio or a/c for a couple years now.  If we weren't before then we are now truly a Toyota family.

If my wife did not smoke she would be the one getting a new vehicle and still parking  in the garage, but she wants to be able to smoke in the car she drives.  Oh well, my gain.  The new car looks like a million other cars on the road these days, it is not unique but it is loaded!  It has all the bells and whistles and premium options offered in 2010.  Heated seats and mirrors, rear view camera, keyless entry and start, killer stereo, steering wheel controls, dual climate controls, bluetooth calling, sunroof, and much more!  It is larger than the 2003, but feels more solid, has a quieter ride and is nicer than anything I have ever driven.  Along with the new car I am also getting garage parking rights for the first time in my adult life.  Yes, my wife will be parking in the elements now.  It goes against how I've always tried to treat her, but I'll try to live with it!


delcatto said...

Good choice & a nice looking car. Has your wife not considered smoking an e-cig when she's driving? No cigarette smell & she can use the new motor.

Scoakat said...

Hi Delcatto! I have not even heard her ever consider e-cigs. She is a bit intimidated with the new car and has not driven it yet, she may never actually, but she has ridden in it several times already.