Sunday, October 26, 2014

Yardwork Afternoon, Part II

Actually it was yardwork late morning into just after noon, but then the title would be too long.  Easier to go with the same title part two.

20141026 002
Yes, we took advantage of the nice weather this weekend to do some fall chores.  I was thinking that it may be a bit too early to start mulching, but this morning I thought differently.  There were a lot of leaves out front and Kate wanted mulch over the bulbs she planted, so we started out front raking the leaves into a couple big piles then I vacuumed them up with my handy dandy leaf vac/mulcher/blower.  I dumped several bags of mulched up leaves over the bulbs in front, on either side of the steps as seen in the pic on the right, and throughout the flower beds in the yard.

20141026 020In the back I mowed to mulch those leaves.  The black walnut trees next door have lost all their leaves already - I thought they started dropping strangely early, and the nuts did not seem as plentiful as years past - so the back yard leaves were fine for using, but we had enough leaf mulch already for the flowerbeds. 

Besides, as the picture below shows, there are plenty of leaves to fall yet, out front and in back.  Our silver maple is usually the last to drop all it's leaves.  Next year will be vastly different....

20141026 019

Kate also did a lot of work in the garden, I'll talk a little about it and dump more pictures from today over at the garden site.

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