Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Ghost?

This old computer is about to give up the ghost.  I have had all sorts of trouble today - besides a back ache and such.  Everything seemed normal, it started okay, but after a bit it got slower.  At this point I had the mind to back up what little has not been backed up yet.  I did a restart and it took a while, but still lagged.  Enough that I couldn't connect to the internet at one point.  Later I left it and went to the store and when I came back the screen saver was froze and nothing woke it up.  I had to do a hard shut down.  I tried restarting a couple times but it would freeze.  I finally was able to restore the system to a few days ago.  So, it works for the moment but it still lags.

I think the inevitable has arrived.  Unless I get pretty lucky I'll be checking in from my phone.

Then again, I hope it's not that &*#%!ing Microsoft office update that I have been declining for several days now...  It just popped up again while writing this after the computer lagged again, and - having already given up - I went ahead and let it update.  Seems better now.  WTF!?  Should I be happy or mad?!

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