Sunday, October 19, 2014

Leaves And Leaving

20141019 022Fall is definitely here.  I can no longer ignore the drifts of leaves on the driveways and walks or the cold, cold mornings.  I did a little fall clean up this afternoon, after the Packer game.  I mulched a few plants and mowed down some others, added a little edging out front and gave the evergreen bushes a long drink of water. 

I still haven't even thought of raking leaves, yet.  I'm actually not a big proponent of raking.  In the back yard we get a lot of the black walnut leaves from next door so I have taken to mulching those with the mower until the last clean up when I do rake it all back along the fence over the hostas.  Out front I use a different strategy since there isn't black walnut leaves mixed in.  Oh, I will mulch them with the mower a time or two early, but eventually I do rake them up and mulch them for the flower beds around the whole yard.  I don't put any leaves out for pick up by the city, and I don't put any leaves in the compost bin.  They all get put to use back in the soil, as it should be.

20141019 JamesI took the top pic this morning and if you look you will notice the firepit is still out from last night.  Our friend James recently left our favorite restaurant, Brothers Three, where he had been the main cook for over 8 years.  Technically, he was fired and I kind of know why but really don't feel a need to pry further.  In the long run I'm sure it's best for all involved.  Since leaving there he has moved to Minnesota and already has a job there, so it was a nice surprise when he texted me that he was in town to tie up loose ends and move all his stuff up there.

I thought we should see him before he leaves and I had also been wanting to have a firepit at least once more this year, so I texted a bunch of people to come over Saturday night, in two days time.  Well, more notice would have been better for other people because it was only me and Kate and James sitting around the fire.  That was really okay with us because we got to visit just with James for what could be the last time. 

There is more that I wanted to say about James but I don't want this to start sounding like a eulogy.  From us to you, a heartfelt Goodbye and Good Luck, James!


Blue Witch said...

But did you get James to cook dinner? :)

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