Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Garage Storage Project

There was a sale on lumber a couple weeks ago so got my friend Keelan - and her truck - to help me get some boards for a storage plan I've had in the garage.  Not cheap, just over 100 bucks with a box of screws, but it will be more functional and look a whole lot better. 
20140719 011
Above is how I had been storing things in the rafters, on every large, thick cardboard box I got - starting with the lawn mower box on the left shortly after we moved in.  I've since made most two boxes thick.  We don't store anything extraordinarily heavy up there, but boxes sag.  You can see a stick above the workbench helping support an area.

Last Saturday I got a start on this project while my wife was away and I was free to listen to music and play in the garage.  Not that I couldn't have done it with her here, it just happened that way.  I really enjoy projects like this.  I'm not working for 'the Man,' I'm working for myself and I can go at my own leisurely pace.  I've always got good music playing so I can rock out a bit when necessary.  I get real focused while I'm planning things on the fly.  And I love the feeling of having something to look at and say that I did that.
20140719 019

Well, only half of that, for now.  I plan on finishing the other half this Saturday.  Eventually I'll be more organized, I've also had thoughts of fixing up my work bench area and somehow creating a gardening station.  All in due time...

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