Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pizza Delivery Driver Joke

I've seen this kind of thing posted online before, so I have tried it a few times.  I think the first two were when we ordered pizza online during last winter.  In the 'special instructions' area I wrote something asking them to draw a snowman on the box.  Come to think of it, they may have actually done it one of those times.  I have no idea which delivery place did, luckily we have several options for food delivery in our part of town.

Tonight we got Domino's because of their 50% off online pizza orders deal.  In the 'special instructions for the driver' area I typed; "Write your favorite joke on the box plz.  Thx:)," or very similar.  I know it took up every character allowed.  When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised!  Although I had totally forgotten my request when I answered the door, I gave him a pretty good tip (as we always do) and as soon as he left I noticed the writing and remembered.  Kudos Domino's delivery driver!  I'm happy for the little participation in a bit of fun by someone who doesn't need to, but I hope it made at least him and maybe his co-workers smile.  Makes me feel a little better about, well, people.

Still, you can't offend me, delivery guy,  next time I'd like to see your real favorite joke!
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