Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Surviving the Big Chill

It actually hasn't been too hard to deal with this deep freeze lately.  Our cars have started every day even though it has been right around -13ºF each morning this week as I have left for work.  Just be smart and bundle up, and my wife has started her car at work a few times during the day the past few days just in case.  Work has been a skeleton crew on Monday and Tuesday.  Even though today is only a little better, almost, if not all, came to work today.  Strange how you can just get used to even the harshest conditions.   The cold has done wonders for our cutting further down on smoking - not that we smoked a ton before.  Also, with this weather the difference in our old and new windows is HUGE.  As it is the furnace is running very often, if we had not replaced the windows I'm not sure it could keep up near as well.  Now on Friday we are expecting more snow and for a time it may even turn over to rain, they say.  Progress!?  Or probably ice...

On a side note, I will not be making a collage video of NYE.  Sorry, friends, I just didn't have enough good video to go through the trouble.   Blogger is a little balky right now (maybe almost frozen as well) so I can't add another pic at the moment, so here, just watch last year's video again, same bar and mostly the same people.  PTFO

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