Friday, January 3, 2014

Fahrenheit/Celsius and Degrees Symbol

tempsThe high temperature for Monday is -13º Fahrenheit (-25º Celsius).  Wind chill expected may be up to -50º F (-46º C).  The low temperature that day is -25º F (-32º C).  The governor is talking about closing the schools in the state (,others are looking into if he actually has that power, but that's another odd story altogether).  That is wicked, stupid cold, and will be 'going plaid' - my wife's reference to the Spaceballs movie.  Tomorrow is actually supposed to be nicer than it has been in a while, but at only about 23ºF (-5º C) it is the mild calm before the proverbial storm.

On a related note, I like to know what I'm reading (and writing) and in the U.S., well, we're about the only ones that use Fahrenheit exclusively anymore.  So when I read something about temperature from another part of the world I want to understand what is being related, especially at this time of year for us in the northern hemisphere.

Because of this I actually (finally) took the time to learn how to make the º symbol (alt - 0186).  I also now have a widget on the right side that converts C to F and back, just so I have a handy place I know to go and check what I read more easily than going and googling some converter - if I feel like going through the trouble.  Perhaps I can learn enough, if I use it enough here, that I'll just understand the difference naturally.

Anyway, the point of this post was to complain about the cruelly cold temperatures coming up.  We'll survive, it certainly isn't the end of the world.  But it is unusual and will make for a very bad day for a lot of people.  Hopefully not us or you.  PTFO


delcatto said...

Good grief! That is cold weather and a half. Wrap up warm and stay indoors although will you still have to go into work?
It's currently 5ºC here so positively balmy by comparison.

Scoakat said...

We're planning on going to work. It was -13ºF on Thursday morning when I left, but we gained probably 10-12º during the day. I'm sure many people will not be in, though, especially those with kids home for the day.

As long as my car starts I think I'll be there, but we will be excused if not.

Blue Witch said...

Double good grief! Parents here complain when schools close when there is the first flake of snow... but -46°C with wind chill - I don't think I've ever been anywhere that cold!

Blue Witch said...

Ah, it worked... I use [°] for the degree sign. I can no longer think in farenheit down near zero, but it still makes more sense in the summer to think of 70s and 80s.

Blue Witch said...

That didn't work... I meant & deg ; but without spaces between the separate parts.

Scoakat said...

Let's see, ° . Hmm, that doesn't work for me - unless it changes when I submit. Alt 0186 makes it show up right away. Oh well, thanks BW!

Well, both our cars started so except for a few changes in my schedule - not going to my car for lunch and avoiding the cold, cold break room - just another day. Yup, just another super freezing insanely cold day! Tomorrow morning will be similar except it should get a bit warmer, or less insanely cold! Funny thing, it was a bright sunny day all day, too.

Only seventy-odd days or so until Spring!