Saturday, January 11, 2014

House Cleaning Here

I've been doing a little house cleaning, so to speak, around the site and such.  All lists in the right column have updated links if needed and some new additions here and there.  I have also been holding on to some video links for a while now, yet I still haven't posted.  Now is the time.  Just an interesting time lapse video from last year about our city, Madison.

And movie references to Wisconsin.

There.  I'm not saying my 'house' is totally clean, but just one room at a time, and this room is done for now...


delcatto said...

I loved the time lapse video. Madison looks like a lovely city, so clean, fresh and spacious.

Scoakat said...

Thank you, it can be all of that. It can be easy to forget this time of year, though.

It seems no matter where you live, you tend to take for granted what you actually have. We try not to, but it happens. We have a great zoo that I haven't seen in years!; to myself - *Goshdangit!..* That thought strikes a nerve in me and I will make it a point to visit this summer.