Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Shoes!

Last week, after pondering it for a bit, I finally ordered new shoes online rather than take that dreadful trek to the store.  Okay, I may be a bit pessimistic about it, but a trip to one store would end up being a trip to at least 3 stores and then maybe returning to a previous one to get the shoes I will resign myself to wearing for the foreseeable future.  Yes, I would have had the opportunity to wear it before I bought it, but searching was just so much easier online.  There was also a far greater amount of shoes for me to choose from than a brick and mortar store could provide.  But I did think ahead, I made sure I ordered from a one of the many larger retailers in the area and that I could return them to the local store if necessary.

shoesLate this morning, shortly after I finally acknowledged the new day, I glimpsed a Fedex truck slow down outside and my new shoes were here!  I waited until later after I cleaned up to put them on, but then I wore them to the grocery store and, well, I like them.  They feel closer to a boot than my old shoes, the soles are bigger and they go a little higher on my ankle, but so far I like them pretty well.  They are stiff and need to be broken in, but I think I can get away with these on my feet for a while, and they do have this neat zipper feature alongside the laces.

It is still the first day in the new shoes so it is hard to know how I will ultimately feel about them, but so far I am tentatively positive.  The zipper does allow me to slip in and out of them without undoing the laces, but barely.  And if I have to add my gel pads and arch supports then slipping in and out of them with only undoing the zipper will be almost impossible.  Of course this is all conjecture at this point.  The shoes are still hard and my feet need to get used to them some but so far I feel pretty good about them, they just need to be broken in a bit.

And, I promise, this is probably the last time ever you will hear this straight man obsess about goddamn shoes, expletive for effect.  You do know that sarc is my second favorite asm, don't you?

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