Sunday, March 3, 2013

Trying To Un-Hibernate

I realize that I'm not particularly sociable in late winter unless I have to be.  It begins with the seasonal holidays that bring us short, dark days followed by all the cold and snow again and again every January and February.  I've been in that funk a bit again this year.  I haven't seen many friends at all so far this year, and certainly not often.  We have had some small meetings with some friends, some even mentioned here, but we have not been out and about as much as we would normally be the other two thirds of the year.  Perhaps that is an excuse, or perhaps that is the reason to hibernate that I use, probably both since they both mean the same thing.  See what winter does to me?

hermitI have been trying to come out of hibernation a bit lately.  Nothing has really worked out yet, but I am starting to make that effort to see friends and be sociable again.  Eventually the sun will shine warmly on green grass and all will be as it should be.  Mostly I look forward to outdoor projects again.   There is much to do for the garden this year as my wife has made grand plans.  And there are several things on my to-do list with the house and yard that cannot coincide with snow and ice.  I like to think about these projects some during the cold months, but most cannot be done until Old Man Winter unwraps its bony cold fingers from around my neck.  What the hell did that groundhog say, anyway?


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