Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy (Official) Spring 2013!

Right now, 6:02 a.m., here and now when this is to be posted, it is officially the vernal equinox - the start of Spring.  This doesn't look like the start of Spring to me, especially with mounds of snow outside, but at least there is supposed to be some sun and some supposedly above freezing temperatures for the weekend.

forecast 201303219

But this forecast will change, it always does, and not for the better lately...  We and all we know are sick of it by now, but this is Wisconsin, we know where we live and it sucks sometimes.



delcatto said...

It's currently 1 degree celsius here, snow on the ground & it is blowing hard & bitter out there. Hatches battened down, heating on & beer in for tonight.

Scoakat said...

Very similar to us. Last year we set a record with 81 degrees Fahrenheit on the first day of Spring. I'd settle for 'normal' anyday.